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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Handling the Truth

Everyone is wrong once in a while. But its us egoistic people that dont WANT to be wrong. The facts may be against us but we'll still keep aruging and fighting omitting everything around us. The only way one can continue fighting about a topic which cant be won, is either to move the topic to another one where you have the upper hand and hope he forgets the first topic or accept defeat. i usually do the former. A close friend of mine keeps asking me, how are you always right? I have no answer to that question cause i havent always been right. i just move the topic to one that i can undertake and,as teens would say, OWN.

The problem is i cant handle the truth, i dont want to be wrong. If im wrong i feel like a part of my ego has been attacked, and people then know my weak spot which is my super large ego. i always want my way, and if i dont get it then i'll makes sure my opposition sees it my way and hope that the topic goes in my favour. People need to know that the truth hurts no matter how real it may be. My reaction was monstrous when i found out Santa didnt exist, and now i aint getting any presents cause ive been a bad boy. Handling the truth takes a while to learn because even if you accept it, you still run the fight through your head to see if you could have won that one. We're human and due to evolution, we always find greed in everything. Greed in power, food, social, and now greed in correct-ness.
The truth hurts, but should we hide it? If a person looks ugly, should we tell them the truth? Dude, youre ugly. There are times when we have to go around the bush to find the last berry ( horrible metaphor ) what i mean is that we dont go to a person, in front of his face and tell him the truth. We need to take them away from a crowd, and slide the truth into them slow and easy. Truth always prevails.

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