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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Aah, its that time of year dear readers, where the season of giving and fake goodiness comes to play. All the kids lining up to see a fat stranger raise their hopes of wishful gifts and presents which they might not remember the next day =)

Readers, do you remember the day you wanted a barbie or a firetruck? And now kids like 10 year olds are asking for an mp3 or a mobile. Sheesh, i didnt get my mobile till i was like 14. Kids in the day used to be so simple and lovable, now theyre are (excuse the term) brats. They want everything and more and more of everything. My friends son is like 4 years old and theres not ONE tooth that doesnt have a cavity. He just wants more and more chocolates and his mom just lets him have it. Ew

My parents raised me quite well, youre happy with what you get, cause if youre not, you dont get it. And so that way, my brothers and i cherished every little thing we got. I asked my mom for a puppy when i was 6 and i got a toy dog, i didnt cry about it cause that was the best i got that year so i didnt want that to be gone.

Some people have just lost the knack of gift giving. Every gift should be special to the person. i mean COME ON, Shirts and ties are NOT gifts  -_- Theyre.....junk. Who wants a tie for Christmas? Its the season of giving, dont just give whatever comes to your mind, like a sock, give something that'll make the person happy that he/she is receiving soemthing from the heart and not the closet.

Its Christmas, Readers, make your significant other and families feel special =) Till next time, Ciao

My Philosophy: How children should be raised

Children have developed over the ages and that means the method to tame them have changed as well. We all know the saying spare the rod, spoil the child, and now most people dont hit their kids (for those families that still live in the past, sorry :P)

How should children be raised? Nowadays theyre becoming rebellious and more arrogant, so how do we tame that? Good question...how DO we do that?

Brother Adrian says - Normally - which in his terms means = how normal people deal with kids ( HOW VAGUE)

Brother Andrew says - I dont want kids ( -_____- )

I would raise my child by giving him/her freedom to do whatever he/she wants. But of course the main rule is, My house my rules. So he/she can do WHATEVER he/she wants as long as he/she is outside my house and my property. Its his/her life, let that life be lived. You only get one life might as well be free and happy.

How would YOU raise your child?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hey guys, howre you doing?
Today imma talk about YouTube. Im sure all of you know about this site, people upload videos and other people watch it and ooh ahh eeh, the usual happenings. But there are these people that use YouTube as a blog if you know what i mean. Every week they upload a video of themselves doing something funny, crazy, stupid, sensible, meaningful and the list is endless.

Now being a symbol of popularity (Not really) I know what all these people watch and what they find interesting. As far as i can tell, many people i know like this YouTuber named Shane Dawson ( you can check his channel out on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/shanedawsontv?blend=2&ob=4 )

Now hes a really hilario..........hes really funny. But i dont think hes actually that great. A person swearing and cussing all the time isnt really that funny. I mean, we're in a generation where kids at the age of 5 have iphones and at the age of 10 have iPads and age 15 have their own cars and what not, so kids are bound to go on YouTube and search for some rubbish or the other, and theyre bound to find this dude swearing as if his life depended on it. Im not saying - haha he sucks (actually i am but hey, im a nice guy) Im saying that if kids are gonna go to YouTube, they should at least watch some thing more, eventful or something which would even ( i can believe im gonna say this but ) help them study. Ive been watching videos on how to play the piano. Now im a pro and its been only a week ( my mom threw out the piano, it doesnt mean im BAD it means shes getting me a new one.....i hope)

There are other YouTubers who are really awesome (i believe) like Mysterguitarman, who takes many video clips and compiles it to make one ultra (EPIC) clip which is really talented i must say. You can check his channel on - http://www.youtube.com/user/mysteryguitarman?blend=1&ob=4

There are others like music videos which can be seen on - http://www.youtube.com/user/vevo?blend=1&ob=4

Or something which i find is funny like Smosh which is - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJsjJVPeEOo&feature=&p=28F727385AEB427E&index=0&playnext=1  I think ....

Anyways its the weekend here in Arabia, the land of palm trees and ......Arabs......
Good Night =)

Saturday, December 4, 2010


The evolution of comedy, action and drama has definitely changed through the years. From movies like the Sond of Music to movies such as Avatar there are always specifics that stay the same

Its the cliche. The typical whats-gonna-happen-next. Everyone knows that if theres a movie with a bunch of losers competing in a game where everyone knows they cant win, some how through 'team work' they pull through and win the championship. Thats a cliche cause its happened so many times. The same goes for every action movie. There is always some guy who seems to be the hero's best friend, but turns out to be the ultra super villain.

Movies have always entertained us no matter how old they are or how common it is. For example, the star wars saga has always kept viewers on the edge of their seats because theyre just waiting for it to get over. The same goes for Harry Potter and Indiana Jones.

What i dont like to see though, is movies COPYING other movies. It may sound like a cliche but its different. When its a cliche, it means a part thats been copied and used again and again, but when the WHOLE FRICKEN movie has been copied, i doubt that can be called a cliche. I find this commonly in bollywood films. There are tons of bollywood movies that have been made on the basis of a hollywood one. Im not saying that ALL bollywood films are copied, but some are. I can see it now, Shah Rukh Khan will be the new Luke Skywalker, Aamir Khan will be the new terminator and dont forget Kareena Kapoor as the new Lara Croft. Cant wait =)