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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Mother

When you hear devastating news on the radio, shrieking people, buildings moving, japanese ladies screaming GODZILLA, it doesnt mean the Apocalypse is coming, it only means my mom has found out something about me.

Now reading that line you must be thinking, she must be horrible, but youre wrong. She is actually one of the best people i know. Its not that i can hang out with her as my friend or something . NO NO. Please dont get me wrong, im thankful enough that shes my mom and even more thankful that she doesnt hang out with my friends and I. She is a cool person, cause she still is young and even younger at heart. She knows all the 'hip' words and sayings as well as the 'in' things such as sagging pants and funky t-shirts, but she doesnt really keep to that, she just KNOWS it (again thankfully)

Im not saying my mom should win the award for best mom and then rub it your faces (although she does deserve a nomincation IF there was such an award) Im saying for a person her age, and that too with 4 children and a job, she still manages to keep up with my generation. Maybe its because she teaches teens and interacts with them for a while.

Now you must be thinking, wow she's cool, but dear readers, its not over, for every good there is a bad. She may seem high and all mighty but when something happenes and it catches her notice, readers, you should take the next ticket to any country. She'll bring the whole house down and when shes done with that, she'll take a bible and pull out some spiritual versus to finish. She'll make a huge lecture and include your friends and relatives and dead people and presidents and Michael Jackson just to prove that you went and had a good time with your friends who happen to be of the opposite sex. You have no clue what she would do, its like she's the GodMother. She has the revolving chair as well. Its like i come home late (and i mean LATE)  and she swirls the chair with her hands folded saying - and where have YOU been? Its at that moment you feel like bursting into tears and asking for forgiveness even though you havent really admitted anything.

Im sure most mothers are like this, but a mother that actually lets you do whatever you want AND limits everything must be really awesome wouldnt you agree? Cause thats what shes like. I know its contradicting but thats my mom =)

Just ending this, one time, i think about 5 years back, i went to a party and my mom went to drop me off and since i was like 11 she has to yknow, come, meet the parents of the other child, make sure im wearing clean underwear, make sure i have money and so much more which im not at liberty to say. Would you believe it if i said that my friend actually mistook my mom for my sister?? Well thats a true story which sounds so unbelievable but THAT'S MY MOM

I Love My Mommy

Friday, November 19, 2010


Dear readers, a fellow blogger has advised me to have a pace for blogging since im some what new. And ive looked into that advice and i think i shall pace my posts instead of using up all my steam at once. So ive decided to write a post once a week maybe every friday or thursday. Since my exams are coming up as well, i will not be able to post on some days so, readers, dont feel disappointed, in the words of the famous good terminator, i'll be back =)

Now getting back to what really matters, i hate it when people say ' Johnny Depp was so funny in that film ' or ' i didnt know that Keanu Reeves has such an amazing line like - there is no spoon ' Has everyone forgotten that these actors and actresses only say lines like these because its in their script and not from their own memory? Granted there are some talented stars that actually come up with their own dialogues like Jerry Seinfeld. People should get credit for what they actually do, i dont see John Rogers getting any public credit for writing the story for the action movie Transformers. i can bet that half the people who have seen this movie dont even know that this dude wrote the movie.

Another thing is that i think that its weird when people see a new movie and theyre like - WOAH THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME!! and its actually remake of a old TV series. Perfect example is the A-Team. Granted the movie was amazizing but did anyone actually know that there was a TV series like long back? My mom and i used to watch the TV series like a LOT and we loved it, so when they announced that there would be a movie, we were like :O --------> =D Even other movies like Transformers, Alvin and the Chimpmunks, GI Joe etc have all been TV series before. Movies like these only become more enjoyable when youve seen the old ones first. Its only then do you really appreciate a movie

Anyways, im just placing my views, im not saying that dont enjoy your movies unless youve seen the old one. Go ahead and watch what you want =) Just know, screen writers and producers should get some appreciation as well. Also old movies are actually good, despite the jokes which we now find lame.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who i Am

Due to popular vote, I am changing the way i write. Apparently writing philosiphical stuff is as common as the cold. So im going to continue writing but as myself and not as a college professor.

People asked me, who inspired you? If Gandhi wrote a blog maybe he would inspire me. But no, Suresh Menon inspired me. For those who dont know, Suresh Menon is a journalist who writes a weekly column in the Friday magazine that comes out here in Dubai. What he writes really astonishes me. He writes about daily life and adds so much humour to it that only some may understand. He is unique and i look foward to reading his new post this Friday.

Coming to other things, has anyone noticed how people say theyre mature but when a person slips on a banana peel, it becomes funny? It really humours me to know the fact that people no matter how old they become, they always laugh at the classic jokes. Just the other day i noticed my dad watching a cartoon with my baby sister and he was laughing his head off. That too of all cartoons, it was Bob the Builder. No matter how old one becomes, we'll always have that little child in us telling us to laugh at the most silliest things. On the other hand its that same child that gets us in trouble for eating the last cookie or leaving the toilet seat up for their little sisters to fall in. We should always keep this little child with us and not let him roam free cause he might cause more havoc than we know. Lastly, its always a beautiful sight (and youre free to your own opinion) when you see an old man or woman eating an ice cream cone. For some reason, when i see that i always smile cause i know, that no matter how old people become, there are things in life that help them reconnect with their childhood.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Handling the Truth

Everyone is wrong once in a while. But its us egoistic people that dont WANT to be wrong. The facts may be against us but we'll still keep aruging and fighting omitting everything around us. The only way one can continue fighting about a topic which cant be won, is either to move the topic to another one where you have the upper hand and hope he forgets the first topic or accept defeat. i usually do the former. A close friend of mine keeps asking me, how are you always right? I have no answer to that question cause i havent always been right. i just move the topic to one that i can undertake and,as teens would say, OWN.

The problem is i cant handle the truth, i dont want to be wrong. If im wrong i feel like a part of my ego has been attacked, and people then know my weak spot which is my super large ego. i always want my way, and if i dont get it then i'll makes sure my opposition sees it my way and hope that the topic goes in my favour. People need to know that the truth hurts no matter how real it may be. My reaction was monstrous when i found out Santa didnt exist, and now i aint getting any presents cause ive been a bad boy. Handling the truth takes a while to learn because even if you accept it, you still run the fight through your head to see if you could have won that one. We're human and due to evolution, we always find greed in everything. Greed in power, food, social, and now greed in correct-ness.
The truth hurts, but should we hide it? If a person looks ugly, should we tell them the truth? Dude, youre ugly. There are times when we have to go around the bush to find the last berry ( horrible metaphor ) what i mean is that we dont go to a person, in front of his face and tell him the truth. We need to take them away from a crowd, and slide the truth into them slow and easy. Truth always prevails.

Growing Up

Whether its growing taller, wiser or stronger everyone is always exited in some growth. Just a while back i was talking to my friend and she was so happy that she grew like few cms over the summer. I, of course, didnt really bother about that since im taller than her. But that made me realize, if people take pleasure in little things, why cant i? The saying goes, little drops of water make an ocean. Its these little things in life that make us who we are. Long back when i used to pick up all sorts of things on the ground, i would go home and wash these little nick nacks and keep them on my shelf. Now if i find a bottle cap on the road ill just kick it around. With maturity, ive lost my ability to cherish every little thing. Now if its big, its better. I used to have a small mp3 player, then i wanted an mp4, i got and mp4 and then i wanted the ipod, i got the ipod and then i got the iphone, i got the iphone and now i want the ipad. I still see successful people using tiny items like pocketknife with a pen, insignificant mp3 players. Small things make a difference and they shouldnt be left aside as if they were nothing. Our lives are made in these small hours and these little wonders.

Religion and Consequences

Many people argue about religion. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, all talk about peace and praising a body as their God. The there are those who think science is the alpha and omega. Many times I've questioned my own faith but I've always ended to the same point in this road of religion. I believe there is a God and a heaven and of course a Hell. But we are not limited to anything. Like, everyone should do their own thing, why do we have a religion that announces love and peace but has strict rules? There should be a good and a bad but based on reason and understanding. Hindus not eating beef, Muslim men to grow their beards, Christians to visit the church every week. Why MUST we do all this to get Gods approval? If we show love to God and his creation, isn't that enough? Granted this is my opinion but take a look at yourself and ask this - Does it help to be constricted to such rules? I'm not saying - go ahead eat what you want, do what you wish. No, I'm saying if we have a religion, we should stick to it, but we have to understand it first. If you don't understand your own religion, then you shouldn't do anything it professes, until you know the meaning of doing so. Going to church without knowing why is like going to Victoria's Secret and asking for a cheeseburger, it makes no sense. Another thing, people say - do good things and you receive good things. And the same goes with bad thing. I believe in God and I know he put us on earth so we could live and be free. What does freedom mean? That we do stuff with no consequences. If we do bad, we get bad. Why? An unexplainable question is Jesus did good everywhere all the time, yet he was crucified. He was punished by the people. Now, what I accumulate from that is if we do good to the people, we get bad? We're on this earth as people not spirits, what we do on earth and what we get after death is different. We can do good things and get bad stuff but after life we get Good things. You as a reader must be thinking, he's contradicting himself, what a nut. What I'm trying to say basically is we can do whatever we want on earth, and get rewarded in many ways which may seem questionable but in the end we get what we deserve. Main point is don't think if you do good you'll get good. Always think - do whatever you want, good or bad, but keep in mind what you're gonna get after you die not while you live. PS this is only to those who believe there is a Boss up there.


What is love? Is it a feeling or Is it a trend? After a nasty break up I've realized that love nowadays has been portrayed as a trend. People don't know what love is. They simply think, she's hot or he's cute I loooooove her/him. Even dating. Dating doesn't start with love. To go on a date you either want to start something with that person or you go for a one night stand. You don't go on a date for the first time cause you love someone. Relationship when your a teen can be really helpful cause when you love and lose as a kid, you know the mistakes you made and it won't happen again. Reminds me of the time I screwed up and did the same stupid thing again. I didn't learn, but I understand now, use of online services is a definite rejection :p What do people look in a partner? Do people see the inner beauty anymore? My friend always complains she's ugly and I always tell her, no you're beautiful. And she's like why do you say that? I say it's because I see the inner beauty and that's really remarkable. Obviously she changed the topic after that but you as a reader understand what I mean. Teenagers should experience true love instead of the fake love they WANT to see. Just because you see a person everyday doesn't make you in love with the person. Just because you know that person, in and out, doesn't make you that persons life partner. I realized its how the 2 people connect with each other that makes them potential lovers. You may know them for long, you may see them everyday but you couldnt give a crap about that person no matter what youve gone through. People go through bf/gf as if they were tissue paper. It's like oops I'm done, use another one it's ok. You may feel nothing with then but imagine the other person. He/she may be deeply hurt inside and you're like- eh, whatever. What have we humans become? We treat others as if they have no feelings. Olden days no matter what you said, be it crazy or sound, the people would listen(eventually the soldiers or guards would come and throw you in a pile of mud but that's going off topic again :p) everyone cared about each other.


We always question our surroundings our friends our faith and even ourselves. Why? Is it better to question and find out what life is all about? Or should we live a life with no expectation and full of surprises.
If we question and get an answer we'll know what's ahead of us and that kills the joy of surprises. Questioning plans our lives and is that good? Would you rather live a planned life or something out of the ordinary?
Does it help to question? At times yeah. Right now I've been asking loads if questions. Questions are necessary, but that shouldnt control us.