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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who i Am

Due to popular vote, I am changing the way i write. Apparently writing philosiphical stuff is as common as the cold. So im going to continue writing but as myself and not as a college professor.

People asked me, who inspired you? If Gandhi wrote a blog maybe he would inspire me. But no, Suresh Menon inspired me. For those who dont know, Suresh Menon is a journalist who writes a weekly column in the Friday magazine that comes out here in Dubai. What he writes really astonishes me. He writes about daily life and adds so much humour to it that only some may understand. He is unique and i look foward to reading his new post this Friday.

Coming to other things, has anyone noticed how people say theyre mature but when a person slips on a banana peel, it becomes funny? It really humours me to know the fact that people no matter how old they become, they always laugh at the classic jokes. Just the other day i noticed my dad watching a cartoon with my baby sister and he was laughing his head off. That too of all cartoons, it was Bob the Builder. No matter how old one becomes, we'll always have that little child in us telling us to laugh at the most silliest things. On the other hand its that same child that gets us in trouble for eating the last cookie or leaving the toilet seat up for their little sisters to fall in. We should always keep this little child with us and not let him roam free cause he might cause more havoc than we know. Lastly, its always a beautiful sight (and youre free to your own opinion) when you see an old man or woman eating an ice cream cone. For some reason, when i see that i always smile cause i know, that no matter how old people become, there are things in life that help them reconnect with their childhood.

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