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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


What is love? Is it a feeling or Is it a trend? After a nasty break up I've realized that love nowadays has been portrayed as a trend. People don't know what love is. They simply think, she's hot or he's cute I loooooove her/him. Even dating. Dating doesn't start with love. To go on a date you either want to start something with that person or you go for a one night stand. You don't go on a date for the first time cause you love someone. Relationship when your a teen can be really helpful cause when you love and lose as a kid, you know the mistakes you made and it won't happen again. Reminds me of the time I screwed up and did the same stupid thing again. I didn't learn, but I understand now, use of online services is a definite rejection :p What do people look in a partner? Do people see the inner beauty anymore? My friend always complains she's ugly and I always tell her, no you're beautiful. And she's like why do you say that? I say it's because I see the inner beauty and that's really remarkable. Obviously she changed the topic after that but you as a reader understand what I mean. Teenagers should experience true love instead of the fake love they WANT to see. Just because you see a person everyday doesn't make you in love with the person. Just because you know that person, in and out, doesn't make you that persons life partner. I realized its how the 2 people connect with each other that makes them potential lovers. You may know them for long, you may see them everyday but you couldnt give a crap about that person no matter what youve gone through. People go through bf/gf as if they were tissue paper. It's like oops I'm done, use another one it's ok. You may feel nothing with then but imagine the other person. He/she may be deeply hurt inside and you're like- eh, whatever. What have we humans become? We treat others as if they have no feelings. Olden days no matter what you said, be it crazy or sound, the people would listen(eventually the soldiers or guards would come and throw you in a pile of mud but that's going off topic again :p) everyone cared about each other.

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  1. what you say makes perfect sense, but there is always that one in 5 people who LOVES. not for the sake of popularity or for the sake of going out.