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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Religion and Consequences

Many people argue about religion. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, all talk about peace and praising a body as their God. The there are those who think science is the alpha and omega. Many times I've questioned my own faith but I've always ended to the same point in this road of religion. I believe there is a God and a heaven and of course a Hell. But we are not limited to anything. Like, everyone should do their own thing, why do we have a religion that announces love and peace but has strict rules? There should be a good and a bad but based on reason and understanding. Hindus not eating beef, Muslim men to grow their beards, Christians to visit the church every week. Why MUST we do all this to get Gods approval? If we show love to God and his creation, isn't that enough? Granted this is my opinion but take a look at yourself and ask this - Does it help to be constricted to such rules? I'm not saying - go ahead eat what you want, do what you wish. No, I'm saying if we have a religion, we should stick to it, but we have to understand it first. If you don't understand your own religion, then you shouldn't do anything it professes, until you know the meaning of doing so. Going to church without knowing why is like going to Victoria's Secret and asking for a cheeseburger, it makes no sense. Another thing, people say - do good things and you receive good things. And the same goes with bad thing. I believe in God and I know he put us on earth so we could live and be free. What does freedom mean? That we do stuff with no consequences. If we do bad, we get bad. Why? An unexplainable question is Jesus did good everywhere all the time, yet he was crucified. He was punished by the people. Now, what I accumulate from that is if we do good to the people, we get bad? We're on this earth as people not spirits, what we do on earth and what we get after death is different. We can do good things and get bad stuff but after life we get Good things. You as a reader must be thinking, he's contradicting himself, what a nut. What I'm trying to say basically is we can do whatever we want on earth, and get rewarded in many ways which may seem questionable but in the end we get what we deserve. Main point is don't think if you do good you'll get good. Always think - do whatever you want, good or bad, but keep in mind what you're gonna get after you die not while you live. PS this is only to those who believe there is a Boss up there.

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