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Saturday, December 4, 2010


The evolution of comedy, action and drama has definitely changed through the years. From movies like the Sond of Music to movies such as Avatar there are always specifics that stay the same

Its the cliche. The typical whats-gonna-happen-next. Everyone knows that if theres a movie with a bunch of losers competing in a game where everyone knows they cant win, some how through 'team work' they pull through and win the championship. Thats a cliche cause its happened so many times. The same goes for every action movie. There is always some guy who seems to be the hero's best friend, but turns out to be the ultra super villain.

Movies have always entertained us no matter how old they are or how common it is. For example, the star wars saga has always kept viewers on the edge of their seats because theyre just waiting for it to get over. The same goes for Harry Potter and Indiana Jones.

What i dont like to see though, is movies COPYING other movies. It may sound like a cliche but its different. When its a cliche, it means a part thats been copied and used again and again, but when the WHOLE FRICKEN movie has been copied, i doubt that can be called a cliche. I find this commonly in bollywood films. There are tons of bollywood movies that have been made on the basis of a hollywood one. Im not saying that ALL bollywood films are copied, but some are. I can see it now, Shah Rukh Khan will be the new Luke Skywalker, Aamir Khan will be the new terminator and dont forget Kareena Kapoor as the new Lara Croft. Cant wait =)

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  1. Priyanka Chopra the new Lara Croft
    Akshay Kumar the New Terminator

    just telling you what they actually potray :P