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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Mother

When you hear devastating news on the radio, shrieking people, buildings moving, japanese ladies screaming GODZILLA, it doesnt mean the Apocalypse is coming, it only means my mom has found out something about me.

Now reading that line you must be thinking, she must be horrible, but youre wrong. She is actually one of the best people i know. Its not that i can hang out with her as my friend or something . NO NO. Please dont get me wrong, im thankful enough that shes my mom and even more thankful that she doesnt hang out with my friends and I. She is a cool person, cause she still is young and even younger at heart. She knows all the 'hip' words and sayings as well as the 'in' things such as sagging pants and funky t-shirts, but she doesnt really keep to that, she just KNOWS it (again thankfully)

Im not saying my mom should win the award for best mom and then rub it your faces (although she does deserve a nomincation IF there was such an award) Im saying for a person her age, and that too with 4 children and a job, she still manages to keep up with my generation. Maybe its because she teaches teens and interacts with them for a while.

Now you must be thinking, wow she's cool, but dear readers, its not over, for every good there is a bad. She may seem high and all mighty but when something happenes and it catches her notice, readers, you should take the next ticket to any country. She'll bring the whole house down and when shes done with that, she'll take a bible and pull out some spiritual versus to finish. She'll make a huge lecture and include your friends and relatives and dead people and presidents and Michael Jackson just to prove that you went and had a good time with your friends who happen to be of the opposite sex. You have no clue what she would do, its like she's the GodMother. She has the revolving chair as well. Its like i come home late (and i mean LATE)  and she swirls the chair with her hands folded saying - and where have YOU been? Its at that moment you feel like bursting into tears and asking for forgiveness even though you havent really admitted anything.

Im sure most mothers are like this, but a mother that actually lets you do whatever you want AND limits everything must be really awesome wouldnt you agree? Cause thats what shes like. I know its contradicting but thats my mom =)

Just ending this, one time, i think about 5 years back, i went to a party and my mom went to drop me off and since i was like 11 she has to yknow, come, meet the parents of the other child, make sure im wearing clean underwear, make sure i have money and so much more which im not at liberty to say. Would you believe it if i said that my friend actually mistook my mom for my sister?? Well thats a true story which sounds so unbelievable but THAT'S MY MOM

I Love My Mommy

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