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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Philosophy: How children should be raised

Children have developed over the ages and that means the method to tame them have changed as well. We all know the saying spare the rod, spoil the child, and now most people dont hit their kids (for those families that still live in the past, sorry :P)

How should children be raised? Nowadays theyre becoming rebellious and more arrogant, so how do we tame that? Good question...how DO we do that?

Brother Adrian says - Normally - which in his terms means = how normal people deal with kids ( HOW VAGUE)

Brother Andrew says - I dont want kids ( -_____- )

I would raise my child by giving him/her freedom to do whatever he/she wants. But of course the main rule is, My house my rules. So he/she can do WHATEVER he/she wants as long as he/she is outside my house and my property. Its his/her life, let that life be lived. You only get one life might as well be free and happy.

How would YOU raise your child?

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