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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Aah, its that time of year dear readers, where the season of giving and fake goodiness comes to play. All the kids lining up to see a fat stranger raise their hopes of wishful gifts and presents which they might not remember the next day =)

Readers, do you remember the day you wanted a barbie or a firetruck? And now kids like 10 year olds are asking for an mp3 or a mobile. Sheesh, i didnt get my mobile till i was like 14. Kids in the day used to be so simple and lovable, now theyre are (excuse the term) brats. They want everything and more and more of everything. My friends son is like 4 years old and theres not ONE tooth that doesnt have a cavity. He just wants more and more chocolates and his mom just lets him have it. Ew

My parents raised me quite well, youre happy with what you get, cause if youre not, you dont get it. And so that way, my brothers and i cherished every little thing we got. I asked my mom for a puppy when i was 6 and i got a toy dog, i didnt cry about it cause that was the best i got that year so i didnt want that to be gone.

Some people have just lost the knack of gift giving. Every gift should be special to the person. i mean COME ON, Shirts and ties are NOT gifts  -_- Theyre.....junk. Who wants a tie for Christmas? Its the season of giving, dont just give whatever comes to your mind, like a sock, give something that'll make the person happy that he/she is receiving soemthing from the heart and not the closet.

Its Christmas, Readers, make your significant other and families feel special =) Till next time, Ciao

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