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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm back =)

Hiya folks! Yes i know, i havent really blogged in a while, i was doing exams and i have a break so might as well put something worthwhile right?

Its been days since the New year but im still in that partying mood. I mean, it was really hard to do the exams when half the time youre day dreaming about your next party. So after the exams i went to the beach with friends for a BBQ as well as a chill out moment. It was quite fun considering i met new people and became more close to others.

Although the BBQ didnt really go my way. I wanted to be the one cooking the food and seem like the macho man. That though didnt really happen because i was trying to get the match lit let alone the coals. Then i really wanted to be with that special person on the beach and talk. Then lie down and just stare at the stars, although the clouds were hiding them from me. None of what i wanted happened and thats why i feel like i messed up the whole day. For once i want things to go my way without there being consequences.

Anyways enough about me, oh wait, this is MY blog, it is supposed to be about me. I dont know, im not really in a mood to write today =/

Sorry fellow bloggers and readers, ill catch up on todays work next week Friday.
Till then, CIAOO

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