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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Comments that actually touched me

My two best friends died within a year of each other. We were the 3 best friends anyone could find and I'm the last on standing. Lucy was the first to pass, she was 15 and became wicked sick and one October 25,2008 died in her sleep. Then September 3rd,2009 Maggie was killed in a car accident, at just 16 years old. Now 17 I miss my friends more than anything as I begin to look for colleges, and everytime I hear this song I think of the sisters I've lost.
R.I.P. My girls. Friends from Kindergarte

my best friend is about to die today or soon after what a beautifull song and with a few changes in words i made it my prayer to her.i love you oh so much and i wont let go. dedicated to my wife thanks rascal flatts you are the best
gary s delon 3/23/11

My friend Veronica got in a car accident last Saturday, we are from a small town so everybody knows about it. She has a very small percent chance of living, and the whole school cried at an assembly on Monday morning. It just goes to show how short life can be. We will all stand by Veronica at this time in her life. WE LOVE YOU VERONICA!!

I lost my best friend last month.. this song makes me think of her, so much... rip Melissa.. we all loved you

My partner's and my favorite song. She has been fighting cancer for the past 6 years and in one month we are going in for her to do a bone marrow transplant... we listen to this song a lot, it represents so very much! All the hard times and the good we are there for eachother. She is the strongest person I have ever met, she is my hero!

this is to my friend donna who is recovering from an addiction to meth after the law kicked the door in an took her, her husband, and my god niece an nephew iv been with her since the night she got out and we attend a.a. together im here no matter what because i know she would do it for me.....this song brings tears to my eyes everytime i hear it and makes all of our struggles (their never hers alone to bear) worth it.......

This song is dedicated to my sister who has been away from her family for awhile taking care of our mother while she recovering. Thank you for your sacrifice, patience, kindness...I know it is so hard, I will stand by you, I will help you through though I can't be there...I am sorry it was all put on your shoulders

I miss you Chris I will never let go...

Because this song was really awesome i think y'all should hear it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIIorYfTSTo&feature=related


  1. awww..... i love rascall flatts they just rock! somehow they capture every moment and have a song for each time.... this is really sweet.... =D

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  3. just followwed you... really liking ur posts... =D