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Sunday, June 26, 2011

In the end?

I dont get this life ladies and gentlemen. We do what the monkey in front of us does. Forgive me if im wrong but isnt that just plain ol dumb? If the guy in front slaps a kid because he was crying does that make it right for you to do so? I just dont get it

In this world all of us just do stuff to please the guy to your left. This systematic thinking pattern we've developed is an adaptive technique used to stay amongst the crowd and not kept aside. I personally think if you want to get in the crowd, you either make your own or you be yourself. Acting like someone youre not doesnt make you better than the rest. People who use excess make up to hide their flaws just want to be pretty. Accept yourself for who you are, in the end that IS who you are. the final judgement isnt going to be passed based you the amount of make up on or the colored contacts youre wearing.

There are people like me who try so hard to please other people, make plans for them and go out of my way to do whats best for them. Whats my return in this unfair trade? Oh right, i get a pat on the back wheeeeee . Furthermore if i do complain that i didnt get my fairshare, the usual, oh you'lll be rewarded in heaven story. I dont quite believe that. If God intended that we suffer throughout so we can get a good seat in heaven, then sorry im becoming an atheist. When we are alive, we do things and we get a rewards. Granted we can do things that would get rewards after we die, but it shouldnt always be like that.

Yeah i know, its been a while since ive blogged so imma just go back into hibernation and leave this site :) Ciaoo folks, till next time

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