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Monday, March 12, 2012


Blogging isn't something i do ALL the time. i like blogging, i mean its like my public diary, but i just don't feel the need to post something everyday. Its not as if everyday of my life is something worth posting. Granted, i AM a talented writer and im quite the cute one but that doesn't mean my life is full of surprises are gifts and chocolate covered rainbows. Also im not that kinda of guy who is gonna post about everything and when i say that, i actually mean it. If you've seen FB statuses, before it was 'Going out' or 'With the love of my life' yeah its still like that but you know, its changed. People keep up statuses like 'Like for a like' or 'OMG the guy at the counter is so cute' NOBODY CARES! How do we know about the guy at the counter we can't see him! Mark Zuckerburg never intended that 'whats on your mind' implied 'im doing this right now, suck on that'

And dont get me started on twitter...Sure, its like FB but only the status part. and the thing is, there are ALWAYS updates. People are always tweeting about what happened. 'i just took a dump' ' it hurts' 'yuck it splashed' and 20 minutes later 'i need more fibre in my diet' i mean come on ladies and gentlemen, get back with creativity and write and autobiography, 'my tales, chapter one, the toilet' and get it over with.

Its the month of March so im guessing its that time where we start talking about the Young Entrepreneur competition :D i'll post a link so you guys can check it out. Dont forget to like and share (: It doesnt matter if you're far away, your likes are always appreciated.

Till next time folks

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