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Friday, July 6, 2012


It's amazing how i randomly write a post every now and then when before i used to be so consistent.
Let's do a recap, I'm in my last year of school, i'm still with my girl, i've been watching more tv series and now i more house/dance genre inclined.


Now that i have your attention i think you all should know that i don't add posts that frequently, although when i do i make them count. i'm watching this tv show called Awkward, its too good. It's all about a teenage daughter going to high school. i'm not watching it cause i like it, HELL to the NO, i'm watching this as if it was a documentary, now i can understand how the wild and crazed female species operates and what makes them so unstable.

That's a mystery to everyone, women. i'm sure they try really hard to make it clear what they want but its not how we men actually see it. They can say 'yeah its fine if you hang out with her' but she ACTUALLY means ' touch her and die bitch! ' That's one problem with them, they don't know we can't read their double meaning. And the best part is that even if we DO understand it, we don't really give a rats ass about it, we enjoy seeing them go crazy cause in some weird way we know they care a lot.

I'm tired so i'm gonna go now, take it easy Internet

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