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Thursday, June 13, 2013


So i had this thought about taking this blogging thing a bit more serious. And to start off with, i'm thinking i'll start introducing it on twitter more often to expand it out a bit. So hopefully for every post i write i'll be tweeting about it soon after. I was thinking about adding other blogs on my post to help them get more recognition, i'll be putting up their links at the end of my posts if i find something nice to read.

To continue, if this whole idea works out and this blog gets a better audience, i'll be incorporating twitter even more then. What i mean is, at the end of a blog i'll ask you to suggest topics or my views on a certain subject through twitter, of course i'll put my username for you peeples. You could even send me your blog for me to publicize and review in my own. Speaking of which, i will be trying my best to put at least one post a week, maybe 2 if you're lucky. With college started i have only 1 free day to chill and i would actually rather sleep than stare at my laptop clicking away, but i'll see how it goes.

On another note, college was damn fun. I met new friends and i have an internship soon. It's a paid internship as well so hopefully i can save up for some fun later, right now i'm crammed up with work. I've started working on some music as well, got a small dubstep tune set already maybe soon a track will be available for you all to hear, i'll put a link when it happens.

I was told long back that if i put my mind towards something i can get it. Like if i really wanted to go somewhere, i'll get there. It's what i've been told so many times and why i bring this up is because i believe there are so many talented writers out there who are much better than me but aren't tapping into that potential because of their own reasons. If you think you can't do it, then well you're not going to be able to achieve anything with that sob story attitude. So put your mind to the test and try out different things, push yourself to the limit and never think you can't do something. I thought i'd never be able to speak in front of a crowd and i won both the elocution and the emcee award in my school. This is after everyone said i was and at speaking and i'd never amount to anything. I put my mind to it and you should too. Take chances and make mistakes, you'll never know until you try.

So that's all for today, i have to write a post about the innocence of a child soon because i had this experience last night at a restaurant that made me feel all warm inside. Before i forget, check out Parichay Swarup's blog - http://stopthinkandunderstand.blogspot.in/ He has some really interesting things up there, have a look at it, maybe you'll find the post about me too.
My twitter is @person02, if you have a twitter account and you want me to either review or if you have a suggestion for me, tweet it. (Right now i feel so famous but maybe it'll all work out soon)

Till next time brochachos (thats bro and muchacho)
PEACE on the STREETS, san

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