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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Black Balloon

So there was this little boy playing in the mud on the shores of the beach and you know how kids get, after a while they lose their thrill and need to move on to something else. So after this kid, let's call him Jeremy,  was done with the mud, he searched around the beach to find something fun to do. As he scanned around he saw a balloon vendor filling up helium balloons and tying the string to it so it wouldn't fly away. Now we know most kids love balloons, heck i love balloons. So Jeremy ran up to the balloon vendor and said ' hey sir, sir, excuse me sir, do you have a black balloon? ' The balloon vendor, let's call him Robert, said ' Hmm, let me check ' Robert checks his bag and his box for the Jeremy request and finally pulls out a black balloon and he gave it to Jeremy. Now at this point Jeremy was a bit hesitant. He asked Robert, ' but sir, will it fly like the others? Will it fly high like the red blue green and yellow ones? ' This was a very peculiar question which Jeremy asked and Robert was impressed with Jeremy. So Robert replied very calmly ' Little boy, it's not the color of the balloon which makes it fly, it's whats inside ' And then he filled up the black balloon, attached the string and tied the knot. The balloon, as Robert said, was flying up in the sky just like the others. Jeremy was very happy. He took the balloon and ran along.

Now what's the point of this story besides the fact that the balloon was free?
It's what Robert said. It doesn't matter if you're black white tall short thin or fat, what matters is whats inside you. If you're nice and kind, people will love you no matter how you look. I don't know whats your definition of ugly, but you can be that and still have people talk to you normally because of how you are. It's your attitude towards people that make them love you. If your attitude is pathetic then they won't like you and you'll be disliked for that. Again, it doesn't matter if you're black white etc you can still soar high above the clouds if you put in the effort you need to. You can't expect life to hand you success on a silver platter just because you look good. It's whats inside you that will lead you to success. It's your determination, your endurance, your perseverance and your attitude that will help you be successful. So just remember, you can come from any background with any shape and color and still be amazing, you all have that potential to be great, don't let social conformity get in your way.

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I hope you liked this story, i have one more which i'll put up either tomorrow or next week titled ' The Starfish ' It's about dragons.
PEACE on the STREETS san

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