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Sunday, June 9, 2013

4 years

Y'know how some people say ' let them go, and if it's meant to be, they'll come back ' ? Well, in a way, that happened to me. So this is a story of a girl...

I'm gonna be professional about this and not mention her name, so let's call her Kate because i like that name. So in 9th i was quite the awkward turtle. I never really hung out with 'girls' and when i did i was really dumb, but cute dumb like ' awwwww what an idiot ' So i kinda stayed away from them. In that summer, i went to India to chill out with family and i realized i had some holiday homework. I didn't really want to do it because come on, it's the summer, don't spoil it by giving up homework. So i thought about asking people for help. And Kate was the first on the list and i thank God she was. She didn't really scan the work and send it to me, she wrote the guidelines all over again and inboxed in on facebook. That, for me, felt like she was SO interested in me mainly because she actually took the time out to type out the guidelines for someone she hardly knew. Days and weeks went by and we talked a lot. I remember the first time i called her, it was so weird. But like we've said countless times, weird is good. I regret saying this on a blog but i asked her out on facebook and for 2 reasons i got rejected, one because well, it was facebook... and two Kate believed that if we dated and broke up, we wouldn't stay such good friends. I thought the second reason was more lame than the first. I think i asked her to be my valentine also and she said she couldn't leave the house so that bombed too. Yeah, i sucked.

Kate liked me, but was always afraid to take the step because she didn't want to lose our friendship. She was more focused on studies.She was quite the academic girl, always studying. Whenever she said she had to study, i wouldn't bother her because i knew it meant a lot to her. I gave her space whenever she needed it but it annoyed me because i could never meet her or spend time with her. Finally in 2013, this cute little munchkin (me) got what he wanted. I asked her out and she said yes. It lasted for a short time, but readers, that short period of time was bliss. We had a really bad fight, but because we were such great friends before, we worked it out. It didn't matter who was right, we would fight all night but we kept the deal ' Never go to bed angry ' We made our compromises and we fixed it. Sorry, saying 'we' again and again makes me feel fuzzy. Anyway, I can't get into the details of it because i'm sure if Kate reads this, she'd kick my ass, but let's just say she was everything i needed. I was going through a rough patch back then and she picked me up. She brought me solace, she gave me unconditional love.

I don't know if i'm over selling this so i'm just going to make this clear. Kate was simply amazing. I love her smile, her innocent eyes, her temper when i touch her hair, her stupid stupid sarcasm, her feel good aura and especially for being there when others weren't. There have been times where i just got so angry with my life, the only person i could talk to was her. There was this one time where i got pissed at her and to calm down, i talked to her again. I only wished we were together from the start. When i was supposed to leave Dubai, i asked Kate to meet me. It was around 11 in the night and she was at a friends house. I told her to meet me for at least 5 minutes and she kept saying no. I ran about 15 minutes to where she was and she was walking away. She told me her friends sister is coming and they can't see us together (indian family problems) So she said have a safe flight bye. I walked like a few feet down and sat on the pavement. I was supposed to meet la familla in about 30 minutes and i wasn't in the mood to go home. I got a message from her asking where i was and later she found me. Again, i can't get into the details of it, but those 15 seconds she spent with me was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. She sent a nice long message when i left Dubai. When i got back for about 3 weeks, i met her only twice. The first time, all we did was walk around and talk and i can't believe this myself, but it was such a great time. The 2nd time i met her was the day before i left and the horror dawned on me, she took me shopping with her friend. She got bugged because i came late and she was kinda grumpy the whole time. But when i was leaving she gave me a hug and i left. I really like her hugs.

Anyway, this is really long so i'll stop right here. We're best friends now, nothing more nothing less and that's actually fine with me because i don't have to go through a heartbreak of leaving her or the other way. Now if either of us dates, maybe there would be a sour pinch, but we'll be happy for each other. She's encouraged me to do things i never thought i would be able to do. If i have a ' good side ' it probably would be because of her. I love you Kate and i miss you a lot. We'll open a restaurant one day, i promise.

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