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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Become Cool

There are many ways to succeed in life. One way is to become cool. I kid you not, becoming cool is a brilliant path to being successful. Once you become cool, everything falls in place for you. You can end up earning money just like that, you can earn all the respect from people, you can be famous once you become cool. Don't believe me? Let me introduce you to my friends David and Sonny.

So these two were friends in high school and they both wanted to pursue a business course in college. They applied to the same college and successfully got in. Now being in college is a great social stage in your life. You want to do things to impress others and make your name here. Frankly speaking, i believe college is where you actually start your life. David, being the one the no financial problems asks his dad for 35000 dollars. Obviously that's quite a large sum to ask for, so his father said ' Why do you want so much money? ' And David casually replied ' eh papa, i want to buy a nice bike and some clothes and shoes and maybe some cool sunglasses ' His father gave it some though and gave the money in the end. On the first day of college, our hero David rolls in on a big black Harley Davidson, with a leather jacket and shades. In an instant, all the ladies in the college rush towards him ' oh wow what a bike, can we go for a ride? ' David gets the attention he wanted. Now Sonny here sees that he got such a great response by his outlook, he decides to do the same. He goes back home and asks his father ' hey dad, can i have 35000 dollars? ' His father wasn't financially strong like David's so he asks in a shocked manner ' What for? ' Sonny, looking at his feet, says ' i want to be cool ' Without thinking twice, he gets out the belt and gives him a solid beating for thinking like that. Discouraged, Sonny takes his bicycle instead.

We get back to our main man David who has all the ladies numbers by now and meeting them at parties and bars. Sonny although is going to college and coming back home, nothing else in between. At the end of the 1st year, Sonny comes 2nd in class while David struggles to pass. But David has his women and his bike, he continues his journey. 2nd year ends and Sonny drops to 3rd but David is still hovering at the bottom. David doesn't change his plan because the women still want to take rides with him. 3rd year end and Sonny finally tops his class and by some miracle, so does David. At this point, the women still love David but their parents love Sonny because he is a very smart chap.

Time goes by and Sonny is now working at a large corporate firm while Mr Macho is working at a restaurant MIND YOU he still has the bike and is tres cool. Sonny is earning about 80k and David around 20k. We can clearly see here that Sonny has become successful and David has, well, nothing much to be proud about. The idea is your perception of cool. If you believe that being cool is looking good, skipping classes and taking in poisons like smoking and drinking then be prepared to end up like David. Trust me, studying hard and paving your future will make you cool. Davids children won't think he is cool, Sonnys kids will probably look at him and say wow this is my father he is so cool. Going out to parties doesn't make you the CEO of a company, hard work will get you there. I'm not saying hey study your whole life and never relax. Know your priorities, understand that right now as teenagers, your priority is your studies and then your social life. Once you get the first covered, you can afford to take the back seat in life. Don't let social conformity control you, why fit in when you were born to stand out?

PEACE on the STREETS san

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