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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Right Technique

So many of you have goals that you want to achieve but can't seem to get there. You want to be a pilot or a doctor but can't figure out where to start or how to get there. So here is a story that might help you out a bit.

Jimmy wasn't a very bright fellow, and by that i don't mean he was a dumbo, i mean he generally wasn't exposed to many things. So one day he came across the Olympics and he started watching it. Once at a bar he saw the archery category and said ' I wonder why there aren't many people who can hit the bullseye ' A nearby man, John who was a famous motivational speaker in that area, said ' It is very hard to hit that precise point ' Jimmy being quite arrogant said ' How do they do it? ' John replied, ' Well my boy, it takes a lot of practice ' With these words, Jimmy went off back to his neighborhood and became very busy with this whole bow and arrow business. Months later, some kids approached John and said ' Hey, what did you tell Jimmy? He doesn't come out to play anymore because you told him to practice ' Surprised, John went to that neighborhood and found many trees with bulls eyes on them with an arrow right in the middle. It wasn't just one or two trees, there were about 30 trees with the arrow right in the middle of the target. Astonished, John searched for Jimmy to see how much he's grown. He found him there, sitting on a chair, sharpening his arrow. John asked ' How have you become so amazing at this now? ' Jimmy slowly replied in a very dramatic manner, ' Practice sir, along with hard work and determination, i managed to accomplish what Olympians can ' A very proud John said ' Wow, you must have put in a lot of effort and i'm so happy you've reached this far, can you show me your skills? ' So Jimmy, all high and almighty in this stage, took out the bow and the arrow he was sharpening, aimed it at a tree and fired away. Wherever the arrow landed, he just drew the bulls eye around it.

What i'm trying to convey over here is you might have that drive, that passion and the determination to achieve something but you may not have the right technique to do so. You need to identify what needs to be done and do it the right way. If you cheat on a test all the time, you wouldn't acquire any knowledge and therefore making the test pointless. Taking the easy way out is as the name suggests, easy. But it isn't the right way. There is no short cut to hard work, if you want to shoot the arrow right in the bulls eye, start practicing, failing is a step to success, make your mistakes and improve, then you'll have the right technique

Till next time folks,
PEACE on the STREETS san

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