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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Memory Remains

Haley was quite the buttoned up girl usually keeping to herself. Sharing and socializing was not her cup of tea but she had that one friend she would talk to almost every day during lunch in school. Their association was built on the sole fact that they had been science partners 3 years ago and was polished ever since. Now it's become routine to sit at the table in the corner of the lunch hall, just the two of them and talk about other people who gave them looks. It was their little game to make up stories about different students using the small quirks that were predominant in their nature. His name was Joel and Haley loved hanging out with him. His beaming smile assured her of a better tomorrow and when she would look down and laugh it was the single most cutest emotion to him.
Joel's parents had met Haley a couple times and thought she was very sweet and kind. Not really the talkative type but it was something they managed with because Joel was happy being her mouth, always boasting of her art skills and mainly her blessed voice which she only serenaded Joel with. Joel loved every bit of her, her dark black hair, her passion for art, her angelic voice when she lulled him to sleep on the phone. Everything about her made him more interested in her. It was his curiosity that got the better of him, but that's later on.
Joel wanted to know more and more about Haley, he couldn't stop thinking about her day and night. One such day when they were lying on the grass, she started to open up to him. When a sentence starts with ' i've never told anyone this before ' you brace yourself because you become the lucky ones to have heard their story. But this wasn't that lucky time.

Keep in touch for the next part, till then
Peace on the streets san

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