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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Memory Remains, pt 2

" I have a secret... But i don't know if telling you would be the right thing to do" Joel wondered if he should involve himself, "You can tell me anything, you know that" He wanted to know what she was hiding, his thirst to know more about her was taking over him as he pursued. He held her hand and looks into her eyes with the cutest puppy dog look you can imagine "please, tell me what this secret is" Joel was knocking on doors which were best left locked and left alone.
Haley looked away and as she looked into the distance, she smiled. "Let's ride bikes in the park, that should be great fun" Joel, not wanting to disappoint, nods and gets up. They rent two cycles and take off. Laughter filled the trees as Joel and Haley raced around the park taking in every bit of happiness they could until an unfortunate turn topples Haley over. Joel hurries over to check up on her, discarding his bike near a bush. Her jeans were cut through revealing a deep cut and another mark that could not be seen properly. As Haley had her wounds attended to, Joel decides to ask her about the mark. "oh so you noticed huh? It's nothing, really, don't be bothered about it at all." But Joel's curiosity got the better of him and he asked again. With a sigh, she replies " My father didn't plan on having me so when i was born he tried to get rid of me by dropping me into a river. He held me by the leg but before he could drop me my mother stabbed him in which made his clutch on my leg tighten with his nails pressing into my skin. My mother took me and ran away and that was the end of my father. Joel didn't know what to say so he remained quiet and just smiled.
When they returned home, Joel asked Haley if she ever met her father again. "I don't plan on meeting the person who didn't want me in the first place, so i don't think i'll see him again." Coming to the conclusion that the answer was satisfying, Joel headed back to his place after giving her a warm hug goodbye. What was strange was, Haley never mentioned anything about her parents ever whereas Joel always talked about his, she has even met them on countless occasions. Even when Haley returned home, she opened the door herself and all the lights were off. It was just 5 in the evening, they couldn't be sleeping. What was she hiding?

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