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Friday, November 19, 2010


Dear readers, a fellow blogger has advised me to have a pace for blogging since im some what new. And ive looked into that advice and i think i shall pace my posts instead of using up all my steam at once. So ive decided to write a post once a week maybe every friday or thursday. Since my exams are coming up as well, i will not be able to post on some days so, readers, dont feel disappointed, in the words of the famous good terminator, i'll be back =)

Now getting back to what really matters, i hate it when people say ' Johnny Depp was so funny in that film ' or ' i didnt know that Keanu Reeves has such an amazing line like - there is no spoon ' Has everyone forgotten that these actors and actresses only say lines like these because its in their script and not from their own memory? Granted there are some talented stars that actually come up with their own dialogues like Jerry Seinfeld. People should get credit for what they actually do, i dont see John Rogers getting any public credit for writing the story for the action movie Transformers. i can bet that half the people who have seen this movie dont even know that this dude wrote the movie.

Another thing is that i think that its weird when people see a new movie and theyre like - WOAH THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME!! and its actually remake of a old TV series. Perfect example is the A-Team. Granted the movie was amazizing but did anyone actually know that there was a TV series like long back? My mom and i used to watch the TV series like a LOT and we loved it, so when they announced that there would be a movie, we were like :O --------> =D Even other movies like Transformers, Alvin and the Chimpmunks, GI Joe etc have all been TV series before. Movies like these only become more enjoyable when youve seen the old ones first. Its only then do you really appreciate a movie

Anyways, im just placing my views, im not saying that dont enjoy your movies unless youve seen the old one. Go ahead and watch what you want =) Just know, screen writers and producers should get some appreciation as well. Also old movies are actually good, despite the jokes which we now find lame.

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