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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Adventures of Ben

So long ago when I was just a wee lad, my father used to tell me stories about his childhood friend, Ben. Now coincidentally my uncles name was Benedict, so my brothers and myself always thought these amazing stories were about him, but our grandmother assured us that it was actually about this weird childhood friend who has no photos or anything tangible to be remembered by.

Maybe he was real, maybe he wasn't but i think i'm going to ignite my blog with all his stories, as far as i can remember. I'll start off with his first adventure, the fishing trip.

As all great stories start, once upon a time there were two boys and for the sake of not getting confused later on, one was me and the other was Ben. So Ben and i were walking down the road, kicking pebbles and cans along the way when suddenly Ben had this bright idea to go fishing. Now being a child of my background, i was pretty much into it so i said Challo why not? So we ran off, both to our houses, and packed up. We got our moms to make us some sandwiches, we took some juice boxes, wore some shorts and scavenged for those weird looking fish hats. When we finally reached the lake we grabbed 2 sticks and some thread we packed and made our own rod. To us, it was a masterpiece, to the common eye it was just a stick with thread on it. We were quite the imaginative kids back then and we would pretty much come up with the strangest explanations for the smallest things. We didn't know what to use for bait so we tried tying part of our sandwich to the rope and we flung it in the water just like in the cartoons expecting it to go really far and make that *bloop* sound but all we got was a *smoosh* if that makes any sense. We waited for what felt like hours which was actually 5 mins and being the immature people we are, we began to get impatient. We started throwing rocks in the water to pass time, see who could skip it the furthest and no tug from the fishes as yet.

We couldn't handle it at all, so we ate the sandwiches, drank the juice and left the sticks there. We didn't want to wait any longer to catch fish that might not have even been there. The ongoing impatience made us frustrated and annoyed. We collected our things and made way to our homes where we knew for a fact mom had gone to the market and bought us some nice fish, which by now would be fried and set on the table for us to devour. After the great meal, we went off to bed with some slight expectation we might catch something in our sleep.

The next morning we hear ol Shahan yelling about how he's done it. I ran down to meet him and lo and behold i see him standing there with our majestic rods and a bag full of caught fish. I immediately ran to Ben and told him about it. The both of us were so surprised we began interviewing Shahan. Our mouths gaped open, we heard his side of the story which went a bit like this. " i saw you guys walk away from the lake and i thought maybe you left some sandwiches because i saw you both munching away. As i walked up, your rods began to move and i thought it was my fault, maybe i kicked it but it was going too fast and steady for a kick. I ran after it and caught it and heaved with all my might and this huge fish was just flip flopping away. At first i was like wow that's a big fish, but what's better than a big fish? More. So i stayed for a bit and caught about 5 more fish which i kept in a bag to show you guys. Maybe if you waited a bit more, you would have caught them. "

As Ben and i slowly pulled our jaws back up from the ground, we realized that patience is indeed a virtue. If we had just stayed a little longer we would have caught so many fish and our night would have been made.

When my father told me these stories, it was intended to have a moral per story to actually make it worthwhile. And you can clearly see here what the moral is. If i get time i'll write down the other adventures. I hope this story entices you to want to know more about Ben.
Till next time, peace on the streets SAN

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