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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So i have this friend...

Let's turn the clock back a bit, back about 5 years.
It was the summer of 8th grade, the only person i knew was Leander, the rest i couldn't be bothered about. Until i met the idiot in the picture. His name was Shaun Alex Gomes, a young lad who walked as if he was too big for his frame, he stood a few inches taller than me with his baggy dark blue jeans, over sized t shirt and his cap drawn back. He had that skater boy cum bad ass image which wasn't so discreet when he greeted me with the complicated hand shake. Readers, let's just say that pathetic excuse for a handshake has changed my life and i'm so happy i participated in that. We shared one main thing, we loved music. So every morning for summer camp, we would come and play music in the auditorium. It was our thing. And days later we performed together in front of the camp and we were like the 2 out of 4 pillars that held the camp up. Moving on, in 9th grade we stayed chill, that year i was more oriented to my class. Skipping ahead, in 10th we had this musical, almost Alice, where Shaun and i reconnected and got to hang out more often which lead to the most amazing summer ever. We had summer camp again and i didn't want to participate, rather i wanted to volunteer. So Shaun and i agreed to volunteer and we did. The events that followed will be forever treasured.

It started off with what class we would get, Shaun being the lazy one didn't come for a few days which made me the 'uncle' for the junior classes. They used to call me uncle because i didn't shave...Once i did, it became sir and once Shaun came it became just Aaron. Yeah, he spoiled my rep. We took care of the senior boys because they were the hardest to control. In a couple of days, we earned their respect and got them in check at the click of our fingers which made it really easy for us to chill. We had our bowling days, ice skating days and the days we had outings. We went on every trip and day by day the teachers started to realize that without Shaun there was no Aaron and vice versa. It didn't feel right to have one without the other. Even when one outing was Sega Republic, not having the duo was a disappointment.

One day at camp, Shaun was playing with my phone about 30mts away and i was just standing with a tennis ball, all bored and what not. So i decided what every teenager in my position would have, i took a chance and threw the ball at him. In my defense i didn't believe i would actually hit him... But when i did, it was really funny because he was lying down and it hit his head like in the typical cartoon moments. There there was the day. The day i cut his lip. That day i realize something, i wasn't just a friend anymore, i was more than that. Long story short, a basketball hit his face while he was drinking water and his lip got cut. It was bleeding a lot and i was panicking a lot but what he said to me made me calm down slightly, he said ' if it was anyone else, i would have beaten them to a pulp and you know i could, but because its you, i won't do anything '
We spent days and days together after that, he used to come from Sharjah just to meet me. We would stay out late, share our secrets, do the weirdest things together.

One day i noticed something about him. He loved me a lot and he wanted nothing but the best for me. And he was crazy. I was on my first date with this very interesting woman and just at the start of it i get a message from Shaun saying he wanted to meet. I told him i was busy that day and he didn't need to come and meet me. He was an hours drive away, just note it. As the date progressed, he called again and i said it would be a bad idea, he just said i'll see you soon. The date went well, we became a thing later on and lasted quite a while. When i got home that day i get a call from Shaun and our hero says he's been waiting at the mall where i had my date, for 20minutes. Now let's count. It took him an hour to get there, 20 minutes waiting and that's not all, he takes the metro back to where i stay which is another 30 minutes JUST to spend 15 minutes with me. Ladies and gentlemen, if your bestfriend does not do that, please reconsider your definition. It's not the time he spent, it's the efforts he put in for me.

Skipping good times, we come to my 18th birthday where Mr Gomes is half drunk running around the compound looking for an intoxicated me ( i'll say this story another time ) Yeah, that was a good night... We see as the story moves on that Shaun and myself become more closer. Readers, the things i've told that boy i haven't even begun to try to say it to my other friends. I feel so comfortable telling him about my life and what goes on because i know for a fact that he is not going to leave me. A senti moment now but maybe it's necessary just to show how much he means to me. My life has been full of let downs, i've had more than my fair share of people leaving my life, people being fake and people who say they would always be there but never end up doing so. Shaun has been that one person who has told everyone off, he's one of the few that has actually stood by my side, that actually makes me feel wanted. When others tell me they miss me because i've shifted countries, i go along with it, but when Shaun tells me he misses me, it hurts me. it hurts not because i'm gay for him, but it hurts because he was my truest friend, he was my brother, my OCB. It was like we were brought up together, i mean 5 years together must mean something, right?

There are other amazing stories about this lad, one being the time that makes me feel warm inside every time. So once, Shaun and i, with other friends went to a concert. Now i'm quite the bugger sometimes and i was bugging this childhood friend of mine, just the casual poke poke. He loses his cool and slaps my face. Now i'm not the one to fight, but with my stunned expression and the resounding noise from the slap gets Shaun's attention and he looks. He instantly knows something bad happens which means instinct kicks in. Our hero, breaks out of conversation, charges at my friend and slaps him back. Now if i was a chick this would have been a cute story, but when anyone stands up for you instantly, without thought of consequence, you never doubt their loyalty or friendship. Shaun has been there for me through and through and i'll never be able to repay him for everything he's done for me. I love you Shaun, La Familla forever

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