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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

La Familla

So in the previous post I wrote a nice long one about Shaun my bestfriend. Well this one is just a brief summary about everyone else in the La Familla gang. To start with, you might ask what La Familla is, well it kinda means The Family which is something Shaun had come up with for all his close friends, like a mafia gang but without the looting, guns, hats and cool car chases. Okay it's not like the mafia at all, but you get what I mean. So let's start with the family members.


So Leander was this guy I befriended in 8th grade. I was the awkward turtle in that grade and Lee sat with me the whole year through. He's been there for me all these years and I know he won't turn his back on me ever. He's always pushed me to my limits to tap into my true potential and i'm so grateful for everything he's done for me. Leander, if you read this, i love you so much and i'm going to miss you when i'm gone.


(Mr. Colgate on the right) Now Adi is a friend that became really close in the middle of 11th. I don't really know how but it probably started when I asked his permission to ask out his ex girlfriend which was a bittersweet thing to do. That's another post altogether. I met him in 9th grade, it wasn't a big class, about 13 kids only and we didn't really talk much either. Anyway, in the start of 12th we started chilling and going out together. Couple of days he stayed over at my house and we had our nights of crazy shit like burning stuff and having our personal talks. I really enjoyed those. He's always managed to make me laugh in every situation. There were nights where i just wanted to hear his voice so i could smile again. As a matter of fact i'm in his house writing this. He's watching 21 Jump Street, that little bastard. Jokes i love him to bits.


(He's the ecstatic boy on the right)
Now Chhibber is the guy I hated in 10th because firstly he slapped the living crap out of my batch mate and in a musical we did together he told me, ME, AARON BASIL, to shut up. That pissed me off a lot. Anyway, we met at party and usually I'm with Shaun but he didn't come that day and I knew Chhibber so I stuck with him. Readers, that party I will NEVER forget because we did the weirdest things ever like going up to every woman at the party, winking and saying hey. Needless to say, he's been there for me ever since then. Be it at 6 in the evening or 2 in the morning, he was always there and I'm thankful for that. For a week he stayed at my house and recently for more than a week i stayed at his house. We've had each others back and I hope it stays that way.

(I'm in the middle and Shaun's on the right making Rangu on the left, yeah i know i look sexy)
Karan was another friend that bloomed late, I didn't really know him till 11th grade. There was a party Shaun told me about, he asked me to cover for him for a while as a DJ and to help Rangu out. So i went and let's get this straight I have never dj-ed before so this was my first time. After that party, Rangu and I started hanging out and going out with the other members. Soon we became tight and I found out i could tell him anything about my life. He taught me that no matter what the circumstances are, you have to take charge for your own life.

Shaun also is a part of La Familla but i had a huge post about him already so i don't think a brief paragraph would do justice at all.

The next post i write would be a 'draw my life' type like the ones you see on youtube. It's gonna be called Blog My Life. If you blog too, i hope that post inspires you to write your own. Tweet to @person02 about your blog your life and win a chance to meet Channing Tatum, lolz not really.

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