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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Adventures of Ben Pt 2

So last week i had an entry about Ben, a so called friend my father had memorable times with. Just to recap, last story Ben had gone fishing and with a little more patience he would have been prosperous. This next story doesn't exactly have that same moral arrangement but rather a good story to warm the heart.

This story starts off with a little background which is duly needed. My grand father passed away when my father was 10 years old. My grand uncle took in my father and uncle as his own and treated them with such love and care as my grand mother was struggled to cope with the loss. My grand uncle took them out to different places, parks and cricket matches just like any loving father would. Right now, my grand uncle is touching 90 and right hand to God, he is the most cutest old man i have ever seen and had the privilege to meet. Now back to the story. Again, for the purpose of the story to make sense i will be stepping in my fathers shoes.

One day Ben and i decided to go to uncles house. He was having some furniture moved in from a distant relative and we thought it would be fun to help arrange it. We saw the sweaty yet gentle men lift and unload the items at our gate and soon straight to the living room. At first there was no exact position it was kept in, just laying around without worry or care of who is going to stub their toe on it next. It was Ben's idea to play a game while the adults talked about their little tv show which was drowned by the volume of the tv itself. He grabbed my arm and said LISTEN we have to run NOW. I got shocked and started to panic. "Don't worry, get on the chair" he commanded me as i nervously nodded and followed his instruction. It slowly came to me, the chairs started moving further away from each other. The temperature started to rise and the floor began to bubble. It was clear, it appeared that we were surrounded by blazing hot lava and the new furniture was our only hope. Even though we were 2 feet apart and quite stationary, we started to yell because we thought we were drifting away. We started to hold hands just so we wouldn't separate but like Scar said to Mufasa, Ben's eyes slowly turned dark and a small smile grew as he came close to my face and said ' I'm the king of the castle ' And he let go of my hand. A long stretched echo amplified the room which brought the adults back in the room only to see me laying on the floor laughing away as Ben rolled on the sofa giggling to his hearts content.

We did get our fair share of scoldings but our uncle loved us dearly and wanted us to grow up the way we wanted to. We were never discouraged unless it was required. After we explained our game to him he told us " oh well, the best way to get over a lava fight like that is to go out and have some ice cream " and readers, everyone knows ice cream to a kid is heaven. So we ran out with uncle and got the ice cream. Our original plan was to get the ice cream back home and then play a board game perhaps but knowing us kids we finished eating the ice cream minutes after ordering it. We loved our uncle a lot. When the football world cup matches were going on, we had a set plan. We would first go out to the park and pretend to be the teams while playing our own match. Ben used to just watch as he was more cricket oriented. Then we would shower and have a nice dinner with the family. Ben would sleep over and at 1 uncle would wake us up because the match would be starting around then. My uncle had just bought a tv around then and we treasured it so much. It was our first tv and it was black and white. We bought it specifically for the world cup. After every match, uncle would warm up the milk and tuck us in bed with a song that is still used in our family, ave maria. It's a song we've passed down i guess maybe with a few alterations. After we slept, he used to pray for all of us with his wife and the head on to sleep himself. An uncle like him is one to cherish every moment. He never hit us but made sure i took care of my brother. I was a very strict brother. There were days when Ben couldn't come over because my brother was recovering from the beatings that were given. To this day i get a bittersweet symphony when remembering my childhood because i know i was strict but without it i'm sure he wouldn't be the amazing husband father brother uncle and god father he is today.

Uncle always had a soft spot for cricket. He always told us to bring up our children to play cricket even though we were football fans. But his persistence never gave up. He convinced us that football is played for the money while cricket is played for the heart. There is a passion for cricket and a greed for football. Now i'm just saying as an innocent bystander he was just very passionate about cricket and has nothing against football. In fact he still watches every Barcelona match to this day even in his challenging age, he manages to keep in touch with the Champions League, better than myself. Uncle liked Ben for the lone fact that he resembled him a lot. The one thing about uncle which everyone loved about him was his smile and that twinkle in his eye when he did so. It was that smile that when you saw it you were assured security love and kindness. A look which apparently i attained.

This wasn't really a story about Ben but i wanted to showcase my grand uncle with some respect to Ben (because after all, it's called the adventures of Ben) Anyway, i hope you all enjoyed, hopefully another will come up day after. Keep it real, peace on the streets San

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